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Telecom innovators identity design

Creation of an identity from scratch, to enable a startup to start prospecting and marketing its telephone rental service. An identity that has the sweet scent of freedom.

Tinkeo was born from the encounter of two business owners wanting to offer a smartphone rental service that challenged large networks. The model, cyclical in essence, is a subscription that allows customers to update their phone constantly, as well as a coverage in the event of breakage. The service model is based on recycling damaged devices.


In order to position themselves in the market, the two entrepreneurs needed a professional and dynamic brand identity. To do this, we had to develop a name for the company and a visual concept around it.


Tinkeo offers to take the stress out of buying and subscribing to phone plans including a device. Indeed, for many people, the purchase and possible premature loss of a mobile device is a hassle and a collossal expense. The company's mission is to allow its users to no longer worry about these issues and to allow them to live their lives in a more spontaneous way. The objective is also to allow its customers greater ease of movement, by getting rid of commitments and long, demanding contracts.

The startup insures the delivery of the service through the repair of defective or damaged devices. The name tinkeo was therefore found by taking inspiration from the word Tinker. It alludes to the freedom of movement mentioned above.

The name tinkeo offers other advantages: the sound produced during its pronunciation ('tink') recalls the sounds emitted by mobile devices.

The boomerang, the icon in the logo, is a representation of the service's cyclical model, which recycles older devices. It also symbolizes the nomadic lifestyle enabled by the company.

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