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La Nébuleuse

Band of brewers and other hoppy adventures

Design and development of a crazy website as well as a portal for distributors.

The Client

La Nébuleuse, a local microbrewery, needed to revamp their online image. Selling craft beer in a saturated market – Switzerland has the most micro-breweries per capita in the world – means a dramatic need for emotional bonding with the end consumer. In a landscape where a lot of good beer is being produced, La Nébuleuse needed its crazy personality to shine. The first touchpoint that had to be addressed in the broader scope of its user experience, was the website. It undeniably lacked personality and life, it didn't reflect the emotions that surround brewing and drinking.


A few priorities stood out during the research phase: create a more enjoyable experience, use more illustrative techniques, take more risk, practice more storytelling and be more personal. With limited options to add illustration, La Nébuleuse decided to opt for collages, which are relatively affordable to make and enabled them to unleash their crazy personality while providing a unique, differentiating brand image. In order to let the brewery's personality shine, we found inspiration in Wes Anderson movies and used collage methods to convey a surreal, colorful identity.

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