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SC Promotion

Administrative support for non-profits

Creation of a trademark, brand programme and a website for a young company that offers administrative support to clubs and associations.

SC Promotion is a young company offering support to cultural and sport organisations. These often are driven by volunteers. The result of this structure are unmotivated members, unkept finances and complicated transitions. To keep members engaged in more fulfilling aspects of the organisation SC Promotion offers to support the finance department in a collaborative way. The company came to us in order to create their brand image, improve their communication and help them innovate.

What the client said

Yannick supported us in the creation of our visual identity as a fiduciary. From the logo to the creation of the website, he was able to perfectly combine our ideas to obtain an attractive, modern and lively result, while remaining simple and succinct. To achieve this, he was directly interested in the field of activity as well as the type of audience targeted by our services, which is what we liked.

Maxime Augsburger, Founder

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