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La Nébuleuse

Canned beer scores a goal

Creation of a microsite for a sporting event that highlighted quality canned beer

The Concept

La Nébuleuse wishes to encourage the consumption of beer in cans. Indeed, it is better for conservation and allows great mobility thanks to a compact format. Prior to the World Cup, La Nébuleuse wanted to create a campaign to support the Swiss team, while using this platform to highlight the benefits of beer in cans. The campaign therefore got named 'SwitzerlandCan'. In order to create a relevant link with craft beer, we made use of the gastronomic culture of each nation. This idea expressed itself in the form of suggestions combining a dish and a beer for each game, also called food-pairing.

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La Nébuleuse

Band of brewers and other hoppy adventures

Design and development of a crazy website as well as a portal for distributors.

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