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Product experience for a medtech startup

Design of an MVP for a medical report that informs patients about the impact of their habits on their health.

Genknowme is a young startup in the fields of epigenetics, that is, the analysis of the expression of our genes and the impact caused by external events. Their product, a comprehensive personal report, needed to be redesigned to reflect the high quality of information that it contains. Alongside local development agency 'Apptitude', we prepared the design to be injected in a dynamic report that would be generated through software. We also designed an informational sleeve that would carry the patient's report.

What the client said

Yannick quickly understood our needs, our positioning and our vision. He quickly knew how to create an innovative graphic line that perfectly matched our business idea and that we have kept since. The collaboration with Yannick is very pleasant, he is brilliant, available and pragmatic. He doesn't hesitate to tell us when we're on the wrong track and his advice is always relevant and valuable.

Sébastien Nusslé, CEO

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